About Us

Take advantage of our low discount prices & fast service. We have the lowest prescription prices in the Fort Wayne area. Contact us & start saving today!

Not only are our prices excellent, we are independent and locally owned. Our service is personal and we care about your health!

We actively seek out programs designed to lower your drug and health care expenses. Whether your concern is price, dealing with your insurance company or just understanding your options, 3 Rivers Pharmacy cares and can help!

Meet 3 Rivers Pharmacy

The Independent Alternative:

  • People usually use impersonal big chain pharmacies and end up waiting in lines, waiting for refills, and seldom even see a pharmacist. People use these chain pharmacies for a couple of reasons; they think they are saving money, and they are unaware that they have a better alternative.

Real Savings:

  • The advantage of a small independent pharmacy is, we price your prescriptions at a price in which the pharmacy and the customer both win, while big chain pharmacies sell drugs for as much as they can get away with. Sure, a large pharmacy will sell a few common drugs at aggressive prices to make it appear all their prices are low, but we all know the truth about those practices. We have fair pricing and real savings.

Make a Better Choice:

  • Not only are our prices excellent, we are independent and locally owned. Our service is personal, and research shows that 94% of customers who use an independent pharmacy are Highly Satisfied compared to those who use a chain.

The Highest Quality, and Better Flavors, too:

  • Our larger competitors use the same suppliers as 3 Rivers Pharmacy and we have access to all the same medications. Plus, unlike most pharmacies, if you need a custom compounded medication, we can usually get that done for you the same day.

Know, and Be Known:

  • We are a small, private pharmacy and you will always see the same faces when you come into 3 Rivers Pharmacy. If you have special needs, we will do our very best to make sure we meet them. Our customers usually remain our customers, and our friends for a lifetime.